MyCollegeTimeline is an innovative way to prepare for college. It provides tools that make getting ready for college an easy and fun process. The main feature is a timeline which is filled with tasks that the student has to complete and provides an overview of his progress. MyCollegeTimeline also makes it possible for parents track their childrens' progress which includes SMS messages of what they are supposed to do in the incoming week.

Since the product owner already had experience in product development our main he could make most of the design decisions on his own and have Levitated execute them. MyCollegeTimeline is an innovative product so during its development the requirements grew a few times which we were able to handle thanks to our agile development proces.

First stage of the project was creating an MVP that will let the staff create all the materials like videos, tasks and copy for the beta version. This enabled the client's team to work in parallel to the development team using the actual system and additionally let us see how the graphic designs looks like in real-life scenarios.


  • Client MyCollegeTimeline
  • Technologies PHP5, Laravel, jQuery, Amazon EC2, Twilio