We are an extraordinary team of developers based in Poland and creating medium to large applications in most sought technologies like React, Node.js, PHP7, Angular, Ionic and Python.

We gathered in 2013 as a group of talented and dynamic devs particularly fond of quality programming and work ethics and have been growing as a team ever since, responding to constantly increasing number of clients searching our expertise, outstanding skills, work approach and reliability. See the testimonials below.

Our Clients

Great majority of our clients reaches out to us, having heard that we are extraordinary. Well, we are. Whether you have a new business or want to develop existing idea/venture - we treat you with the same attention and respect,
and provide our best.

Mark Davis Managing Director, Cybersecurity at Fullstack Academy of Code

“The team of developers and designers at Levitated is, simply put, extraordinary. I would put them in the top 1% I've ever worked with in terms of full-stack coding skills (with the latest technologies), work ethic, and trustworthiness (if they say they're going to deliver something by a particular date, they always do).

They ask smart questions, organize themselves well, and are incredibly efficent. If you have an opportunity to work with Levitated, you should take it. You will be amazed not only at the quality of the work, but also at the speed. Plus they are a nice group of people, that are just lovely to work with.

I have worked with Levitated for many years now, and I could not possibly give them a good enough review.”

Jeff Schacher Founder and Chief Product Officer Peachworks

"Levitated team of developers is, quite possibly, the most talented team of coders I've ever worked with. When you're in the trenches trying to get a new product shipped on time, and want the code to be of the highest quality, these are the guys you want standing beside you.

Over the last few years, the team at Levitated has been a key part of helping Peachworks grow to where we are today."

Alycia Curtis Lyfe Media

"Our company is forever grateful for the expertise Levitated team brought to our suite of online publications. Not only were they highly responsive any time I had a question or request, but they optimized our infrastructure to serve over 4 million pages per day to our users.

Our user experience went from below average to extraordinary after Levitated completed their work for us, which enabled us to sustain an even larger user base and grow our company."

Why are our clients so happy?

Our team

We're a team of experienced developers specializing in building custom software.

We take pride in what we do and every single member of our team is passionate about programming or design. It's a lot more to us
than a 9-5 job.

Our approach

Good communication is key to making a great product and providing an outstanding service.

Our team is located in Poland, Central Europe and we're comfortable with working in US business hours. For every-day communication with the client we use skype, google hangouts and emails. The projects are managed with a proper system: JIRA, Basecamp or simply github etc.

Our tools

Our area of expertise covers a wide range of modern technologies. Having a large toolbox
to pick from makes it possible not only to solve
a problem but also to do it in an efficient
and elegant manner.

Why outsource to Central Europe?

Same work ethics

We share the same work ethics. When we set
a deadline to Thursday, we mean it. If we are not capable of doing something, we will tell you instead of starting the project. Also the cultural gap between US and EU is minimal.

Cost optimization

You get more manpower consisting
of professional, highly educated developers
and better expertise for the lower costs than locally or in house. By outsourcing to us, you also save on employees’ insurance and benefits
as we have it all covered!

Small time zone difference

Small time zone differences and time overlaps that allow us to work and communicate with you
more effectively.

Our Clients

Zach Curtis Co-founder of CUE tutor

"I find myself recommending Levitated to everyone I know with a programming need. From the first meeting, it was clear that Levitated's priority was understanding my needs, not selling a service. From their quick and thorough communication to their transparent billing process (and everything in between), I was always in the loop.

Look no further because you've found your developers."

Robert Brown CPMOnly

"The guys over at Levitated.pl know their stuff. They constantly impress with their advice and productivity. They always take care of us and we look forward to a long relationship with their team."

Contact details

E-mail: hello@levitated.pl

Skype: Levitated

Don't hesitate to contact us. We are very responsive.

Address: Levitated

Leszczynskiego Street 4 lok 25.

50-078 Wroclaw


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